30 seconds @ night...

30 Seconds @ Night is a project that was born out of my Ghost Hunting days. Exhausted from hearing about how "ghosts" and "multiple dimensions" could be caught on film, I resolved to set the record straight. So I contacted a local ghost hunting group that was more scientific minded and also joined some online forums (like TAPS).

I was unprepared for the vitriol that was unleashed upon my sensitive constitution. To "prove" my points, I engaged in all manner of photographic experiments (under the cover of darkness) to reproduce these "ghosts". Nailed 'em each time!

Give someone a completely automatic point and shoot digital camera with a flash, and near complete darkness, you get a f/2.8 at 2 seconds exposure with flash firing. It became comical to read the metadata. In this situation, a camera's natural ability to produce strange light phenomenas is almost limitless.

Well, no one wanted to veer from their deeply held beliefs that what their cameras' were producing were ghosts and that ghosts could actually be caught on film. After being told (online) that I had bad social skills and nearly losing what little sanity I had left, I decided to retire from the ghost hunting business.

Turns out, I LOVED jumping around with my flashlight in the middle of the night... and so, a project was born! Midnight @ the Double D is shot on the Double D ranch in Parker, CO.

30 Seconds @ Night is a digital camera project. Every image has a shutter speed of 30 seconds. Within the 30 seconds, I use a flashlight, from multiple angles, to illuminate the subject.

If anyone would like to discuss this project or "ghosts" on film, please feel free to contact me.


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